Mobile Computers

Enhance productivity and accuracy in scan-intensive applications

Delivering superior data capture and exchange, the MC9060-G enables faster decision making about the movement of materials and resources in a variety of environments — from the factory to the warehouse to the sales floor. The MC9060-G gives you unsurpassed choice of scanning, imaging and input options so you have the flexibility to meet your specific application requirements. WLAN connectivity supports onsite data exchange, while USB and serial connections support batch processing for offsite data collection. Your inventory, warehouse and other supply chain employees have a powerful tool for efficiently managing materials with the MC9060-G’s comfortable pistol grip and ability to scan bar codes from distances up to 40 feet (12 meters).

Business challenge Solution
Your employees need to rapidly, comfortably and accurately scan and enter data for full eight-hour shifts to meet production and delivery schedules. The ergonomic, forward-scanning pistol grip of the MC9060-G enables workers to scan over long periods with less fatigue, improving productivity and reducing risk of repetitive motion injuries.
Warehouse workers must often scan out-of-reach items stored in tall shelving and bin systems. The variable range scan engine of the MC9060-G allows workers to scan bar codes up to 40 feet (12.2 meters) away, so they complete tasks quickly while staying safely on the ground or on the forklift.
You need to strike a balance between the need for timely information and the costs of providing network access. With the multiple connectivity options of the MC9060-G, your workers capture and move information in real time when they are on premises and store data for batch processing when offsite, saving you WWAN costs.
Your employees work in dusty, hot, and moist environments, and they sometimes drop equipment. Extremely durable and capable of continuous operation in harsh conditions, the MC9060-G’s impact-tolerant design and IP64-rated seal protection ensure reliable operation and long life.
It’s expensive to develop applications for your mobile devices. The open standards-based Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems of the MC9060-G have broad industry support and development tools to help reduce your costs and shorten the development cycle.

MC9060-G Series


Real-Time Mobile Computing Delivers Real Business Value

The MC9060-G Series from Symbol Technologies is an elegant, ruggedized mobile computer for use in bar code scanning-intensive applications throughout your enterprise. The MC9060-G gives your organization real-time access to mission-critical information from key points in your supply chain.

With a feature set that delivers superior data collection, communication and collaboration, the MC9060-G facilitates faster decision-making and increased productivity in a variety of environments—from the factory to the warehouse to the sales floor.

Environments Applications User
Manufacturing Inventory management
Supply-line replenishment
Safety testing
Parts tracking
Maintenance/repair operations
Shop floor communications
Compliance verification
Assembly-line personnel
Shipping/receiving personnel
Shift supervisors
Repair depot personnel
Retail Retail Warehouse management
Price audits/changes
Store receiving
Inventory management
Shrinkage control
In-store communications
Sales associates
Receiving-dock personnel
Stock-room personnel Supervisors
Merchandise managers
Label printing staff
Wholesale Distribution Warehouse management
Returns processing
EDI transactions
Yard management
Warehouse personnel
Loading-dock personnel
Third-party Logistics Warehouse management Warehouse personnel

An Unprecedented Integration of Flexibility, Performance and Power

The MC9060-G Series takes your supply chain management to a new level of efficiency with exciting and versatile features. It gives you dynamic functionality, including long- and short-range variable laser scanning for all popular 1D bar codes, plus the optional imager supports a growing number of 2D symbologies. Robust memory (up to 64MB) and a powerful highspeed processor ensure maximum user productivity. And the unique torque-cell construction delivers unmatched ruggedness to perform in the toughest environments and to protect your investment.

Unlock the Value of Your Information with End-to-End Mobility

End-to-end mobility solutions for the supply chain go beyond mobile devices and wireless connectivity. Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services was designed to ensure that every aspect of your mobility solution works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency.

For more information on the MC9060-G and its full line of accessories, contact us at +1.800.722.6234 or +1.631.738.2400.

Features Benefits
Variable range scan engine Allows short- (4 in./0.10 m) or long-range (40 ft./12.2 m) bar code scanning in one device
Extremely rugged design withstands multiple 6 ft. drops (1.8 m) to concrete; 2,000 1 m tumbles (4,000 hits) Ensures less down time due to accidental drops
IP64 sealing rating (electronic enclosure) Protects against water and dust to ensure reliable performance in rough conditions
Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET, Windows Mobile 2003 operating systems/terminal emulation software Gives versatility through familiar interfaces with wide software application support
Intel® XScaleTM PXA255 processor at 400 MHz Delivers high-speed CPU performance for robust enterprise applications, including multimedia
3.8" large, bright, color display with backlit keypad Allows easy viewing in many environments, such as ambient light
RS232/USB client or wireless LAN communications Enables real-time data exchange for maximum productivity
Modular 28-, 43- and 53-key field-replaceable keyboard options Provides multiple modes of data entry for maximum efficiency
Forward scanning, pistol grip ergonomics Reduces user fatigue in scan intensive applications

MC9060-G Series Specification Highlights

Physical and Environmental Characteristics
Dimensions: 9.2 in. L x 3.6 in. W x 7.6 in. H
Weight: 26 oz. (includes battery, scanner and radio)
Keyboard: Keyboard: 28-, 43- and 53- key
Terminal emulation (5250, 3270, VT)
Embedded CE models:
Windows Mobile models:

3.8 in. 1/4 VGA Mono or Color
3.8 in. 1/4 VGA Mono or Color
Power: Removable, rechargeable 7.2 volt 2200 mAh Li Ion battery pack (2200mAh, 7.2V)
Performance Characteristics
CPU: XScale PXA255 processor at 400 MHz
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE. NET or Windows Mobile 2003
Memory (RAM/ROM): Embedded CE: 64/64 MB
Windows Mobile: 64/64 MB
Application Development: SDK available through Symbol Developer Zone Web site
Data Capture Options: 1D scan engine
Omni-directional 1D and 2D imaging engine
User Environment
Operating Temperature: Monochrome/Color: -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50°C)
Storage Temperature: -25° F to 160° F (-40° C to 70° C)
Humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing
Drop Spec: Multiple drops to concrete:
6 ft: -10° C to 50° C
5 ft: -25° C to -10° C
Tumble: 2,000 one-meter tumbles at room temperature (4,000 hits)
Environmental Sealing: IP64 (electronic enclosure)
ESD: +/-15kVdc air discharge
+/-8kVdc direct discharge,
+/-8kVdc indirect discharge
Wireless Data Communications
WLAN: Symbol Spectrum24, 802.11b, 802.11
Output Power: 100 mW U.S. and international
Data Rate: 802.11b: 11 MB per second
802.11: 2 MB per second
Antenna: Internal
Frequency Range: Country-dependent; typically 2.4 to 2.5 GHz
Bluetooth Support: Optional
Peripherals and Accessories
Cradles: Cradles: Single-slot and 4-slot cradles available
Printers: Supports extensive line of Symbol-approved printers, cables and accessories
Charger: 4-Slot universal battery charger
Other Accessories: Cable adapter module; snap-on magnetic stripe reader and modem; full set of holsters
Electrical Safety: Certified to UL60950, CSA C22.2 No. 60950, EN60950/IEC 950
EMI/RFI Radio Versions: North America: FCC Part 2 (SAR), FCC Part 15
RSS210 Class B, EN 301 489-1, 489-17
EMI/RFI Batch Versions: EU: EN55022 Class B EN55024
Japan: CISPR 22, Class B
Australia: AS3548
North America: FCC Part 15, ICES 003 Class B
Laser Safety: IEC Class2/FDA Class II in accordance with IEC60825-1/EN60825-1

Specifications are subject to change without notice. All product and company names are trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. For system, product or services availability and specific information within your country, please contact your local Symbol Technologies office or Business Partner. NOTICE: Repairs of this product may require the use of Symbol proprietary parts (and/or Symbol proprietary information). Symbol will sell these parts (and provide this proprietary information) only to end-user customers for self-service. It is Symbol's policy not to sell these parts to third-party service providers and not to allow a third-party service provider to act as an ordering or receiving agent for the parts necessary to repair this product. Part No. MC9060G Printed in USA 09/05 © Copyright 2005 Symbol Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Symbol is an ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 UKAS, RVC, and RAB Registered company, as scope definitions apply.




Belt for Holster (P/N SG-MC9021210-01R) for MC90XX-G Only
Part Number: 11-08062-01R

Belt Clip Kit

Belt Clip for MC90XX-G only.
Part Number: KT-70147-01R

Belt/Shoulder Holster

This Velcro clasp holster secures the MC9000-G on the user's waist and has the ability to also be used with a durable nylon adjustable belt or an adjustable nylon shoulder strap. (Belt and shoulder strap purchased separately).
Part Number: SG-MC9021210-01R

Hand Strap

MC9000-G HAND STRAPS Pack of 3
Part Number: KT-66447-03R

Protective Boot

Protective Boot for MC90XX-G Only.
Part Number: 11-67218-04R

Shoulder Strap

Universal shoulder strap for holster (SG-MC9021210-01R)
Part Number: 58-40000-007R



DC Line Cord

DC Cord for PS 50-14001-008R
Part Number: 25-72614-01R

DEX Cable

Cable enables the transmission of data between the terminal and a customer's inventory system at the time of delivery. For use with Cable Adapter Module (P/N ADP9000-1XXR).
Part Number: 25-62167-01R

RS232 Cable

RS232 Cable for use with Cable Adapter Module (P/N ADP9000-1XXR).
Part Number: 25-62164-01R

USB Cable

USB Cable for use with Cable Adapter Module (P/N ADP9000-1XXR).
Part Number: 25-62166-01R



1-Slot Charge Only Cradle

1-Slot Charge Only Cradle (No spare battery charging). Product available direct from Mobility Electronics.
Part Number: PS6S9000C

1-Slot Serial/USB Cradle

Cradle enables Serial or USB communication between the MC9000 and a host PC. The cradle also charges the terminal with a standard battery and a standard spare battery stored in the cradle. LEDs indicate when the spare battery and terminal are fully charged. 1slot Cradle, w/spare, charging, RS232 or USB Comm Cable must be ordered. Order, 50-14000-148R (power supply including DC cable) and a 23844-00-00R (AC Line Cord) separately.
Part Number: CRD9000-1001SR

1-Slot USB to Ethernet

1-Slot USB to Ethernet (No spare battery charging). Product available direct from Mobility Electronics.
Part Number: PS6S9000UE

4-Slot Charge Only Cradle

Cradle charges four MC9000 terminals simultaneously in approximately two hours. Ideal for customers who communicate wirelessly but need a cradle for battery charging. Order 50-14001-004R (power supply), 50-16002-029R (DC Cable), and 23844-00-00R (AC Line Cord) separately. For spare battery charging order SAC9000-4000R.
Part Number: CHS9000-4001CR

4-Slot Ethernet Cradle

Cradle enables communication via Ethernet between the MC9000 and a host PC. The cradle also charges the terminal with a standard battery and LEDs indicate communication status and when the terminals are fully charged. Also provides ethernet connectivity. Order 50-14001-004R (power supply), 50-16002-029R (DC Cable), and 23844-00-00R (AC Line Cord) separately. Order SAC9000-4000R for spare battery charging.
Part Number: CRD9000-4001ER

4-Slot Spare Battery Charger

Cradle charges four batteries simultaneously in approximately 2.5 hours. Cradle is for battery charging only. Order 50-14001-008R (power supply), 25-72614-01R (DC Cable), and 23844-00-00R (AC Line Cord) separately.
Part Number: SAC9000-4000R

USB Host Modem Dongle (Portable)

USB Host Modem Dongle (not self powered — portable). Product available direct from Mobility Electronics.
Part Number: PS6U1M



GPS Snap-on Receiver

GlobalPoint GPS Snap-on Receiver. GPS attachment for Symbol MC90XX series. Product available direct from LinksPoint.
Part Number: LP11773

Serial GPS Receiver

Serial GPS Receiver (DB9 Serial Connector/Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor) for the MC90XX. Product available direct from LinksPoint.
Part Number: LP11631

Serial GPS/Data Logger

Serial GPS Data Logger (DB9 Serial Connector/Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor) for the MC90XX. Product available direct from LinksPoint.
Part Number: LP11811



GSM Headset

GSM/GPRS headset, provides hands-free, cellular phone capabilities at the point of activity.
Part Number: 50-11300-050



USB to Ethernet Net Hub

USB to Ethernet Net Hub (8 USB, 1 Ethernet). Product available direct from Mobility Electronics.
Part Number: PSUHUB-8

Mounting Hardware


Shelf Slide Cradle Bracket

This bracket connects multiple cradles side-by-side. Attaches to cradle quickly and easily using pre-drilled holes. Each bracket attaches two cradles.
Part Number: KT-61499-01R
Mounting Hardware

Wall Mounting Cradle Bracket

This bracket provides a convenient mounting option for mounting single or 4-slot cradles to a wall.
Part Number: KT-61498-01R



Auto Charge Cable (12 Volt)

Auto charge cable (cigarette lighter); 12 volt requires Cable Adapter Module (P/N ADP9000-1XXR).
Part Number: VCA9000-12R

Auto Charge Cable (24 Volt)

Auto charge cable (cigarette lighter); 24 volt requires Cable Adapter Module (P/N ADP9000-1XXR).
Part Number: VCA9000-24R

Battery Pack

7.2V, 220 mAh Lithium Ion battery for MC90XX –G & –K only. A drained battery charges in approximately 2.5 hours.
Part Number: KT-21-61261-01

Power Supply

Power supply for 1-Slot cradle (includes DC Cable).
Part Number: 50-14000-148R

Power Supply

Power Supply for use with 9000 model InVision Cradles. Product available direct from Mobility Electronics.
Part Number: 170182-003

Power Supply -MSR, Single-slot and Adapter

Provides power for the MSR Single Slot Cradle and Universal adapter.
Part Number: 50-14001-008R

Power Supply for 4-Slot Battery Charger

Provides power for the 4-slot cradle and 4-slot battery charger.
Part Number: 50-14001-004R

Universal Battery Charger Adapter

Universal Battery Charger Adapter for MC90XX-G and MC90XX-K Only
Part Number: 21-32665-48R

Universal Battery Charger Base

Universal Battery Charger 4-Slot (Quad) Base with External Power Supply. Requires a US AC Line Cord (P/N 23844-00-00R) for Domestic use. UBC Adapters must be ordered separately.
Part Number: UBC2000-I500DR

Printing Solutions


Printing Solutions

Screen Protector


Screen Protector Kit

Screen Protector Kit (3 Pack).
Part Number: KT-68638-01R




This adapter provides communication to the host or printer and can be used for AC charging. 5v - 350mA
Part Number: ADP9000-110R

Cable Adapter Module

This adapter provides communication to the host or printer and can be used for AC charging. 3.3v - 500mA
Part Number: ADP9000-100R

Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

This easily attachable magnetic stripe reader reads up to three tracks of information and can be programmed to divide, rearrange, edit and validate fields of entered data. It also provides charging and communication.
Part Number: MSR9000-100R

Modem Module

Modem Module for MC9000 (Snap-On)
Part Number: MDM9001-C010R

Modem Module (Dongle)

This lightweight modem snaps onto the Cable Adapter Module providing a convenient communications solution that allows for remote synchronization using a standard RJ11 telephone jack providing communication at 56.6 kbps.
Part Number: MDM9000-100R



Stylus Pack

Stylus Gun version grey w/tether grey, 3 Pack
Part Number: KT-81680-03R

Stylus Pack

Stylus Gun version grey w/tether grey, 50 Pack
Part Number: KT-81680-50R

Stylus Pack

Spare Stylus Gun Version- 10 Pack no tether
Part Number: KT-68144-10R

Stylus Pack

Spare Stylus Gun Version - 50 Pack no tether
Part Number: KT-68144-50R