NetVision Phone: IEEE 802.11b and ITU.H.323 Compliant

Symbol Introduces First Wireless VoIP Handset To Support Most Widely Adopted Wireless LAN And Telephony Standards

The Spectrum24® NetVision® Phone is IEEE 802.11b and ITU.H.323 Compliant

2001-5-8 HOLTSVILLE, N.Y.

Continuing its wireless product and technology leadership, Symbol Technologies, Inc. today introduced the first wireless Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) handset that supports worldwide the two most widely adopted technology standards for wireless data and wired voice transmissions. The new is the only wireless VoIP product that operates on both IEEE 802.11b 11 Mbps Direct Sequence (DS) wireless local area networks (LANs) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) H.323 standard-based telephony systems.

Symbol plans to sell the NetVision Phone directly to its core customers and indirectly to its community of wireless VoIP telephony and channel partners through OEM and reseller agreements. The new NetVision handset allows enterprise customers to add wireless voice connections to their in-building wireless LANs and achieve mobility with the same level of functionality as their existing Ethernet desktop phone systems. Symbol expects the demand for in-building VoIP wireless handsets, like NetVision, to grow proportionally with the adoption of 802.11b wireless LANs, as enterprise customers extend their wired networks to support wireless PDAs, laptop PCs, and yet-to-be developed converged voice and data devices.

"This remarkable product and technology innovation was a creative engineering effort designed to capitalize on the growing installed base of 802.11b 11Mpbs enterprise wireless LANs by adding enterprise level telephony capabilities," said , Chairman and CEO, Symbol Technologies, Inc. "With in-building wireless and telephony standards widely adopted, NetVision gives our customers a flexible and cost effective way to gain open standards based mobility through wireless telephony."

220 Percent Growth in Voice + Data Networks

The NetVision product competes in the fastest growing area of the in-building wireless market, the converged voice and data segment, which operates on the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) 2.4 GHz band. According to the April 2001 release of "The Wireless Business Connection", the market for wireless handsets on 802.11b converged voice and data networks will have an annual growth rate of over 220% for the next two years, with roughly 60,000 handsets shipping in 2001, and over 200,000 shipping in 2002. "If we combine this with the growth for Wi-Fi wireless LANs, currently approaching a $1 billion market worldwide, we believe that companies will see the benefits of adding wireless telephony to their wireless data networks", said Shelly Tyler, Senior Analyst, InfoTech.

The Symbol wireless VoIP product set features the NetVision family products resold with the Ericsson WebSwitch 2000 and the recently announced Ericsson WebSwitch 100 G4, a four port desk top gateway for the small business. The new NetVision phone will support these products in its initial roll out. The wireless VoIP handset is designed to integrate directly into the Nortel Networks ITG Product line, Mitel IPERA 2000, Cisco AVVID/Call Manager, while firmware has been developed to support a host of other telephony systems from Alcatel, Innovaphone, Motorola, Vegastream, and more.

When integrated with gateway products, the NetVision wireless VoIP handset supports PBX (Private Branch Exchange) supplementary services, such as call waiting, call transfer, conferencing, call park, paging, as well as Symbol's added mobility features, including, intercom mode (walkie-talkie), text messaging, and pre-emptive roaming. The NetVision phone also supports Symbol's Quality-of-Service (QoS) voice prioritization to guarantee the high voice quality.

The NetVision Phone will be demonstrated May 8-10, 2000 at Las Vegas in the Symbol booth, South Hall #4629. The product will be shipping in volume in July, 2000.