SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendor Program
SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendor Program

Open to services-only companies who are not members of PartnerSelect, the SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendor Program certifies companies to offer professional services for Motorola products on behalf of Motorola and PartnerSelect members.

By certifying services-only companies as SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendors, Motorola provides PartnerSelect members more alternatives for fulfilling their customers' requirements for a complete Motorola solution.

Strong Business Proposition

The SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendor Program is designed to help companies by:

  • Providing an opportunity for greater revenue in an expanded marketplace
  • Differentiating participants from the competition
  • Boosting visibility with the Motorola PartnerSelect community
  • Providing access to professional services information and the latest best practices from Motorola
  • Addressing implementation challenges through service delivery support

The program strengthens the PartnerSelect ecosystem and benefits PartnerSelect members by:

  • Enabling members to bring greater value-add to a sale by offering design, implementation and other critical professional services
  • Making it possible to meet a full set of customer requirements
  • Allowing partners to introduce their customers to vendors who meet Motorola's high services standards

Finally, the program supports end user customers by ensuring that every Motorola PartnerSelect member from whom they may purchase a Motorola-based solution can provide quality professional services.

How to Join

For information on applying to the program, please contact the Professional Services Program Office at or call . +1.631.738.3789.

Current SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendors

A list of certified vendors is available only to PartnerSelect members within the PartnerSelect Hallway at this location . Please note you'll need to use your Hallway username and password to access this list.