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SAP is the world's largest business software company and a recognized leader in collaborative business solutions including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain software. Organizations across the globe use SAP technology to reduce cost, improve performance and gain the agility to respond to changing business requirements.

For businesses heavily reliant on SAP and its applications, empowering employees with tools that deliver these applications at the point of activity goes a long way towards protecting their investments. Although SAP does offer several flexible platforms, integration with Motorola technology is centered solely on the NetWeaver platform.

Shared vision

Motorola and SAP provide business solutions that let companies extend existing enterprise applications beyond traditional corporate boundaries of time and place. This marriage of complementary technologies — SAP provides the application software that runs on Motorola mobile computers — offers tangible business advantages to organizations already invested in NetWeaver.

Combined solutions are comprised of highly adaptable, standards-based components. And deploying standards is the key to reducing the total cost of ownership. Additional advantages include improved decision-making as a result of captured information, increased productivity across departments, optimized field resources and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Both Motorola and SAP serve an extensive range of markets. The alliance is currently focused on solutions that combine enterprise applications and mobility solutions for the petrochemical, automotive, consumer products, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Alliance products and projects

Since 2004, our two companies have been collaborating to ensure that NetWeaver-powered applications and Motorola mobile solutions work together seamlessly to provide maximum value to our mutual customers. Motorola MC50, MC70 and MC9000 mobile computers are NetWeaver-certified and fully enabled to run with SAP's off-the-shelf business solutions (Mobile Sales, Mobile Service, Mobile Direct Store Delivery and Mobile Asset Management) and with software supporting warehouse management processes.


Motorola and SAP have created a sales resource designed to assist in understanding mobile solutions. The attached site is a depository of white papers, case studies and solution briefs for the SAP user.

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