SymbolCertified Professional Services Program

Partners recognize that in order to sustain customer confidence as well as increase profitability, they must deliver the demonstration of knowledge and skills, utilization of mission-critical tools, and unparalleled world-class support that today's customers demand.

Crafted to enhance a partner's ability to deliver professional services for Symbol-based solutions, the SymbolCertified Professional Services Program illustrates Motorola's investment in sharing its best practices in implementation of key products and technologies with its partners.

The program validates the professional services expertise of qualified PartnerSelect members and dedicated services companies. Recognizing that new technologies may not be immediately understood when first released, Motorola developed the program to support and facilitate the adoption of its products in the marketplace.

Through access to Motorola best practices, participating partners gain the ability to effectively deliver professional services for Motorola-based solutions. Depending on their business model and relationship with Motorola, companies may apply for certification in one of two programs:

SymbolCertified Professional Services Provider Program

For existing PartnerSelect members looking to augment their professional services offerings and technical competencies

SymbolCertified Professional Services Vendor Program

For services-only companies who can fulfill the professional services delivery needs of Motorola and its PartnerSelect members